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CLEW Medical Ltd. – Privacy Notice for Candidates

December 11, 2019

    1. Introduction
      1. This privacy notice (the “Notice”) is a part of and subject to the terms of the general privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) of the Website managed by CLEW Medical Ltd., (“CLEW”, or the “Company”, “us”, “our”), which is available at All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Privacy Policy.
      2. To whom does this Notice apply? This Notice applies to individuals who apply for open positions of employment at the Company (“Candidates” or “you”), whether through the Website, by email or by any means of communication. We also collect your Personal Data when you browse the Website (regardless of if you have applied for a job), as further detailed in the Privacy Policy available at
      3. For avoidance of doubt, when using the Website and if you apply to a position in the Company, you agree to the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the terms of this Notice, the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Before using our Website, please read this Notice, the full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Website, and make sure you understand them and agree with their terms. If you do not agree to the Notice, Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, you may not submit resumes or any information to the Website.
      4. This Notice applies only to Candidates and does not apply to individuals who have become employees of CLEW. If you are an employee or any other Data Subject, you may contact us at the above email address for the privacy policy applicable to you.
    2. Submission of applications: In order to streamline and simplify the application process, we provide you with the option to upload your resume via an online form on the Website which is linked to an information management system provided to us by a third party, Comeet. The use of Comeet’s system (the “System”) is subject to Comeet’s privacy policy, which you may access in the online form before submission of your resume. However, it is hereby clarified that CLEW is not responsible for the privacy policy or the terms of use of Comeet’s System.
    3. No legal obligation: you, the Candidate, are under no legal obligation to provide us with Personal Data about yourself, including your resume. By submitting the Personal Data at your own free will, you agree that the Company will use it to assess your suitability for the position to which you have applied; you understand that without providing your contact information, your CV and relevant information related to your professional experience, the Company will not be able to review your application and / or contact you in order to give you details and/or provide you with a response regarding your application.
    4. Contact information for Candidates’ inquiries: You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data at any time, or send us a question by contacting us at the following contact details:

CLEW Medical Ltd.

7 Giborey Israel St., P.O.B 8905, Netanya, Israel, Zip code: 4250407

Human Resources office


  1. Types of information we collect: To apply for any position published on the Company’s Website or otherwise, you are required to provide certain identifying information about yourself (such as name, email address, telephone and other similar details if required) and your resume. You may also choose to provide us additional information or documents, such as identity number, date of birth, information about your professional experience including academic or professional certificates and recommendations from previous employers. Please do not provide us with any Personal Data or sensitive information which is not required in the job description we have published on our Website. We also collect your IP address Website and information about your activity on the Website when you browse our Website, as set forth in Section 10 “Cookies and Analytical Tools” in the Privacy Policy.
  2. How we collect Personal Data: We may collect Personal Data about you when you browse our Website, when you voluntarily upload your CV and/or documents containing Personal Data and/or when you enter Personal Data directly into the online form on the system or on the “Contact Us” online form on our Website or by contacting us by phone, email, or otherwise. In addition, we may receive Personal Data about you from recruitment agencies or when conducting any assessment tests as well as from previous employers.
  3. How we use Personal Data: You acknowledge and you give your informed consent that your Personal Data will be stored in a registered Database (as defined in Applicable Laws) controlled by the Company and the Company may use your Personal Data for the following purposes (as updated from time to time):
    1. Examination and evaluation of your suitability for the position to which you submitted an application, including through third parties such as assessment and placement testing centers we hire, as detailed in Section ‎9, “Sharing information with third parties and the purposes of providing the information” below.
    2. Communicating with you during the course of the assessment process, coordinating your job interview and assessment tests as required.
    3. Backup and storage of the information, including through external suppliers, as detailed in Section ‎9, “Sharing information with third parties and the purposes of providing the information” below.
    4. Retaining the information for the purpose of offering other positions, if requested and subject to your specific consent.
  4. Transfer of Personal Data outside of your country of residence: You acknowledge and agree that the Personal Data will be stored and/or otherwise processed on servers in Israel and outside of Israel anywhere in the world and in particular in the United States of America for the purposes stated in Section ‎9
  5. Sharing the information with third parties: We may disclose your Personal Data to third parties for the following purposes:
    1. Service providers such as assessment and placement institutes; IT vendors and other service providers. We will share information with service providers only to the extent necessary to receive services from these parties and subject to the commitment of these parties to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the Candidates’ Personal Data according to terms essentially equivalent to this Notice and our Privacy Policy.
    2. Our affiliated companies if the job to which the Candidate has applied is also intended to serve related companies.
    3. On the legal requirement of duly authorized government body such as law enforcement agencies.
    4. During a change in the Company’s structure, corporate reorganization or upon the acquisition of the Company by a third party.
  6. Your rights: Please note that under certain circumstances, you are entitled to review your Personal Data processed and stored in the Company’s Databases, and you may request to obtain a copy of, correct or delete your Personal Data from the Company’s records. If you wish to do so, you must send a written notice to the contact details specified in Section ‎4 above and the Company will act to fulfill your request in accordance with its obligations under in accordance with Applicable Laws. However, it is hereby clarified that if the information is required by the Company for legitimate business reasons or the Company is under a legal obligation to do so – the Company shall retain the information for the period of time required by Applicable Laws. Information on a Candidate who has been hired becomes, from the date of his employment, subject to the privacy policy applicable to the Company’s employees.
  7. Assessment and placement testing results: We may refer you to perform assessment placement tests in relevant agencies, in which case you have the right to review the results of your tests. If necessary, we will assist Candidates to exercise their right of access. If you are in the course of or after an assessment testing process for acceptance to work at CLEW, and you are having difficulty exercising your right of access, you may contact us and we will assist in doing so, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law.