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Improved outcomes, safety and value for every ICU
CLEW’s ICU solution delivers actionable predictive clinical analytics, optimized patient workflows and clinical resource allocation as well as centralized oversight and management. The platform utilizes the full range of available patient data to provide continuous predictions based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms and models. The solution delivers workflow improvements and dynamic worklist prioritization, enabling healthcare providers to spend less time on administration and more time on patient treatment. The solution integrates with existing EMR systems and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

Maximizing scarce ICU resources

Healthcare reforms are affecting the finances of hospitals, the workloads of healthcare providers, and the treatment of patients. These reforms are driving an increased focus on improving clinical value by identifying high risk patients within the ICU, prioritizing treatment based on patient acuity, and reducing total length of stay and iatrogenesis. Existing EMRs do not provide information to help ICU teams work proactively. CLEW’s unique technology helps focus attention to where it is needed most, staying ahead of impending problems. In large facilities, CLEW’s technology enables staff in large and/or multiple ICUs to understand acuity and enables better distribution of medical and nursing resources. Dashboards provide overviews of individual units and entire facilities to provide maximal insight to each team member and management enabling the effective distribution of manpower in real-time.

CLEW introduces predictive analytics for ICU

Key Benefits

  • Centralized oversight and management
  • Actionable predictive clinical analytics
  • Optimized patient flows
  • Clinical resource allocation
  • Reduced FAR

Key Features

  • Alerts based on clinical patient deterioration
  • Utilizes the full range of available patient data
  • Dynamic worklist
  • Integrates with existing EMR systems
  • On-premises and/or cloud deployment
  • Highest levels of data security and patient privacy
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Actionable predictive clinical analytics alerts

CLEW’s ICU solution takes a holistic approach to delivering early predictive warnings for patient complications. The solution analyzes multiple parameters before it generates a single alert to predict a potential clinical deterioration, significantly lowering the false alarm rate (FAR). This ability to provide a highly accurate and actionable alert several hours in advance assists in the delivery of the most effective, properly timed and resource-efficient response, while avoiding costly, disruptive, and extensive emergency responses. By focusing on addressing problems early, CLEW’s technology enables avoidance of invasive mechanical ventilation and initiation of vasoconstrictors when possible, shortening lengths of stay and reducing iatrogenic complications.

CLEW leverage

Leverage existing patient data

CLEW’s solution harnesses the vast amount of available ICU patient data, with no need for additional data entry on the part of ICU staff. Utilizing a combination of Big Data, machine learning and high-frequency realtime patient-based data, the system delivers focused predictions and an optimized workflow.

CLEW prioritize

Dynamic worklist prioritization

With real-time analysis of priorities based on a range of factors – including new admissions, task lists and ongoing alerts – ICU staff can track high risk patients, effectively delegate responsibilities to team members, re-prioritize their workload and make acuity-based staffing decisions based on dynamic input.

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Unit view – Full ICU situational awareness, displaying patient data from all units and highlighting all alerts
How the CLEW platform integrates with a hospital
Work list – Integration with the ICU workflow by gathering all alerts, tasks, new admissions and high-risk patients
How the CLEW platform integrates with a hospital