Download the HIMSS Poster

We just returned from an action packed HIMSS, a great opportunity to meet with industry leaders and partners. Earlier we announced a presentation entitled Improving Sepsis Prediction by Developing Advanced Model, showcasing the positive results of real-time validation of CLEW (previously known as Intensix) platform conducted by Mayo Clinic in a MICU.

The study was conducted by Brian Pickering M.D. and Vitaly Herasevich M.D., of the Mayo Clinic’s Multidisciplinary Epidemiology Translational Research Intensive Care (METRIC) Group. It included 782 patients, with a median age of 65 years. Median ICU length of stay was 35.5 hours.

The CLEW platform showed a sensitivity of 90.5% and specificity of 88.5%. The Positive Predictive Value of the CLEW system was 71.5%. The Negative Predictive Value of the system was 96.7%.

The poster can be downloaded here