Predictive Analytics in Critical Care- Staying 2 Steps Ahead of a Disaster

Dr. Itai Pessach, Medical Director at CLEW (previously known as Intensix) presented at Big Data in Healthcare event, hosted by the Israeli Association for Medical Informatics (ILAMI).

Dr. Pessach is an assistant Professor of pediatrics at the Tel-Aviv University and a senior pediatric critical care physician at Sheba Medical Center. He is certified in allergy immunology and in pediatric critical care. He has a broad background in basic and clinical research and has published extensively in the fields of pediatric immunology and critical care. Dr. Pessach holds an MD, PhD degree from the Ben-Gurion University and has trained both at Sheba medical center as well as at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School.

ILAMI was founded in 1984 with approximately 600 members from all aspects of the Healthcare and Medical Informatics community in Israel. The association aims to promote information exchange concerning the development and the use of Information Systems in the Israeli Health Care System. ILAMI covers all aspects of Healthcare Information Technology with a focus on what works in Israel. This includes, information technology, digital health, eHealth, mHealth, national programs and initiatives, the integration of medicine and IT, clinical applications, information security, medical devices and their connection to IT.

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