Join us for a life-saving mission

Developing an innovative analytics solution that alerts clinical teams about a patient’s deterioration, enabling early intervention and improving clinical outcomes

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Our team currently comprises about 25 people

As we prepare for our launch, we’re looking for the best minds to join us
in tackling challenges and making breakthroughs in healthcare IT using predictive analytics tools.

Clinical Analyst, Registered Nurse

Netanya, Israel · Full-time · Experienced

About The Position

About CLEW:

CLEW’s innovative analytics platform uses advanced artificial intelligence and data science models to assist hospitals in the delivery of improved clinical and operational outcomes. CLEW’s platform uses data to predict life-threatening complications and alert healthcare providers about patients’ possible deterioration, detect deviations from the optimal clinical path, and enable better, earlier interventions. This product, aimed at the intensive care setup, is now installed in multiple Tele-ICU sites in the US.

CLEW is currently expanding its product offering beyond the ICU to provide AI-powered predictive analytics across the entire continuum of care, assisting hospital management to efficiently allocate clinical resources.

 What will you do?

Based on your clinical knowledge and experience, in your role as Clinical Analyst you will serve as a bridge between the clinical and data environment. The ideal candidate should be interested in cutting-edge analytical techniques in data intensive environments, with the objective of addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare. The candidate will take part in identifying these challenges and developing solutions, as well as be tasked with testing and refining data models based on real-life clinical experience. As part of the clinical team, your role will be interdisciplinary; you will work alongside other healthcare professionals and be required to assist in the clinical research and product definition, as well as working in close cooperation with Marketing, Product and R&D teams. 

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Clinical domain expert for the R&D team, interpreting and enriching raw patient data
  • Use medical knowledge to improve raw clinical data, in preparation for machine learning model development.
  • Work as part of the Product team in analyzing customer requirements and provide clinical guidance to the R&D team throughout the product development cycle
  • Assist in developing and maintaining product marketing materials, in conjunction with marketing
  • Assist with the clinical research and publication of the studies resulting from the above work
  • Assist with application to FDA and other regulatory authorities
  • The position may involve travelling abroad to meet customers


  • RN with at least 5 years of hospital-based clinical experience
  • Previous healthcare/hospital administration or management experience – an advantage
  • Industry/data science/analytics background – an advantage
  • US healthcare system experience – an advantage
  • Management degree (MBA, MHA, MPH etc.) - an advantage
  • Full time position (with some flexibility)

Things we appreciate

  • Strong computer skills
  • Experience or involvement with clinical studies and/or research
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Highly driven, passionate about innovation, creative thinker

Why join us NOW?

Our critical care product is operational, and we have strong financial backing from leading venture capital funds. We are at a critical stage in product development and all team members will have the opportunity to take initiative and become full partners in this life changing mission.

Why join now?

Our product is operational and we have strong financial backing from Israel’s leading venture capital funds. We are at a critical stage in product development and all team members are encouraged to take the initiative and become full partners in this life-changing mission.


Collecting and analyzing complex and diverse data, and building a platform that will enable us to create models


Mobilizing the best algorithm engineers in the field to design innovative prediction models


Developing an infrastructure for fast and stable communications capable of receiving real-time data from the patient’s bedside monitoring systems and alerting clinicians


Gathering a team of medical specialists from Israel and around the world to help us transform health conditions into mathematical models

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