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Proactive Clinical Intelligence for the Betterment of High-Acuity Healthcare

CLEW’s ability to deliver predictive insights that improve care for high-acuity patients has tremendous value across the healthcare industry. Our team has the expertise needed to deliver CLEW insights in various hospital settings, big and small, at the bedside or virtual, and also in a customized context for healthcare service delivery organizations, solution providers and medical device manufacturers.

Enterprise Healthcare Operations

The CLEW platform provides intelligent clinical surveillance for high-risk and emerging-risk patients across an entire health system enterprise. Whether these patients are in the emergency department, ICU, PACU, in a monitored med-surg bed or elsewhere, the CLEW platform can be used to identify and build a cohort of patients for an elevated level of clinical surveillance. This allows you to monitor that specific patient population for intervention, risk stratification or standardization of care.

Built for cloud hosting with the necessary scalability and robustness, the CLEW platform is designed to support local and enterprise-wide deployments.

Command Center / Transfer Center

For health systems that desire to have a centralized view of all patient information that impacts capacity management, such as in a patient flow command center or transfer center, CLEW offers an important piece of the puzzle. By making CLEW predictive insights available in this environment, capacity management leaders can help drive more proactive care in critical care areas. This contributes to their objectives around eliminating patient flow bottlenecks, freeing up ICU beds, reducing ED and PACU boarding, minimizing length of stay, avoiding ED diversion and ultimately, creating more patient access. This enables the health system to treat more patients, increasing revenue and contribution margin.

Critical Care (ICU, ED, PACU)

CLEW is often utilized to manage high-acuity, critically ill patients within intensive care environments, as well as in other care areas within the hospital like the emergency department and post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). In critical care departments and in virtual / eICU TeleICU environments, CLEW is used as the core platform for decision making around patient care, resource management and care implementation in critical care. It enables early identification and proactive intervention, acuity-driven patient prioritization and supports capacity management-driven objectives in the ED and perioperative suite such as reduced boarding time, increased case volume and improved case mix index.

Learn how Penn State Health is using CLEW in its Virtual ICU to better manage capacity, address provider shortages, and burnout.


CLEW knows that your high and emerging-risk patients aren’t only in critical care areas of the hospital. We give you the flexibility to apply an added level of surveillance to any patient population that requires it, whether they are in a monitored medical-surgical bed, such as telemetry, or elsewhere.


Clinical Service Providers

Healthcare Technology

Medical Device

Clinical Service Providers

The CLEW platform is an essential part of how physician and nursing service organizations, such as telehealth providers, deliver virtual care services. With the CLEW platform in place, clinical service providers can achieve greater clinician efficiency, an area where many hospitals are struggling due to rising patient acuity and staffing shortages. Predictive insights from CLEW provide decision support for these organizations and accelerate their assessment of high-risk and high-acuity patients to help to streamline interventions and optimize care.

Read more about our partnership with Equum, a physician-led acute care telehealth company.

Healthcare Technology

CLEW predictions and insights are complementary to many healthcare information technology (HIT) systems such as the EMR / EHR, as well as those used to manage hospital operations, performance improvement and quality. We can quickly boost the capabilities of your existing toolset by seamlessly integrating our insights and patient-centric context.

Medical Device

Access and incorporate portions of CLEW’s clinical insights and predictions from within your medical device. CLEW’s intelligence and ability to create a digital twin of a patient can significantly boost the utility of medical devices where it is necessary or useful to more comprehensively monitor a patient’s physiology.

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