From Clinical Data to Life Saving Decisions

CLEW’s platform harnesses vast amounts of clinical and patient data to deliver highly accurate predictive clinical analytics. An advanced analytics engine identifies relationships between real-time physiological data and latent medical conditions, recognizing – in real-time – any changes in the patient’s condition that may indicate the possibility of life-threatening situations. CLEW’s technology offers the advantages of scalability, interoperability, robustness, security and privacy, full compliance, and benefits hospital management and medical personnel by delivering the preemptive information they require to better manage their resources.


Flexible solution that can expand as needed

As a cloud-based platform built with scalability in mind, CLEW is suitable for Virtual ICU centers and distributed operations of all sizes. Having the flexibility to add storage, compute capabilities, and other services supports seamless scalability and cost optimization. This level of scalability meets complex disaster recovery requirements to ensure business continuity and high availability of the clinical service platform in times of crisis. CLEW’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure enables Virtual ICU service providers to support multiple clients while maintaining the security and privacy requirements of each individual hospital, network, and customer as mandated by.



Seamless cross-platform communication

As an EMR agnostic platform, CLEW’s Virtual ICU can process patient data from different interfaces and protocols, such as HL7 v2.x, FHIR, patient biomedical monitors, custom interfaces, and others. A sophisticated interface engine extracts the data from various encapsulation protocols, streaming channels, or SQL databases. All data received from the hospital undergoes rigorous quality testing using CLEW’s proprietary tools for data quality validation in real-time/online and offline modes. These tools guarantee that regardless of the original EMR, data exchange, or interface engine that provided the data, CLEW’s platform will use clinical parameters that behave as expected at the proper range without outliers.

Security & Privacy

Platform that has earned the trust of ICUs worldwide

CLEW’s Virtual ICU product development utilizes a robust, secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) methodology to boost security considerations, detecting and resolving issues early in the product lifecycle. As ensuring the privacy and security of patient health information is paramount, CLEW utilizes advanced security and privacy tools at the production cloud level to maintain its security posture and identify and remediate any security vulnerabilities. The CLEWICU cloud environment is fully HIPAA compliant, and the company is certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 27799. The application is undergoing extensive penetration testing by 3rd party cyber security experts.


Succeed in today’s regulatory environment

As a customer-centric medical technology company, CLEW complies with the industry’s strictest international standards and protocols. CLEW Medical and its Virtual ICU product meet the requirements for protection of sensitive patient data and are fully HIPAA compliant. The company utilizes a quality management system (QMS) to document its policies, procedures, and controls and is certified for ISO 13485. The CLEW Virtual ICU system received premarket 510(K) clearance from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), is approved by the European Commission (CE), and is registered with AMAR, the Israeli Ministry of Health’s medical device regulation unit.

Sophistication / Robustness

Benefit from a full suite of advanced features

CLEW offers a comprehensive Virtual ICU management system that provides the clinical teams with clear situational awareness based on current statuses and FDA-cleared predictive models. The platform is fully integrated with bidirectional, high-resolution AV between the Virtual ICU and the bedside. The platform supports the required TeleICU workflows. Automated processes reduce workload, such as automatic new admissions management, AI-based notifications, and APACHE scores integration, resulting in increased efficiency, capacity, and quality of care. The system supports multiple workflows with fully configurable views and provides a robust reporting system for benchmarking and quality improvements. The system can be deployed on-premises, on the customer’s cloud, or as part of the CLEW-provided secured cloud.

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