Join us for a life-saving mission

Developing an innovative analytics solution that alerts clinical teams about a patient’s deterioration, enabling early intervention and improving clinical outcomes

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Our team currently comprises about 25 people

As we prepare for our launch, we’re looking for the best minds to join us
in tackling challenges and making breakthroughs in healthcare IT using predictive analytics tools.

Machine Learning / Data Engineer

Netanya, Israel

About The Position

Clew Medical innovative analytics solution alerts ICU teams about a patient's possible deterioration so they can provide the right treatment before their condition becomes critical.


We are looking for a Machine learning/Data engineer to join our team as we productize product offering and expanding predictive analytics capabilities to new clinical areas. The ideal candidate should be eager to learn and grow as well as comfortable jumping headfirst into new concepts and technologies.


What will you do?

As an ML/Data Engineer, you will be part of the Data Science and analytics team which works on the development of cutting edge analytical and AI techniques in data-intensive addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare:

  • Build infrastructure to empower fellow engineers and data scientists to build together best-in-class ML solutions
  • Create and automate data pipelines including data extraction, validation & anomaly detection, indexing, and other data-related tasks. 
  • Quickly iterate on design approaches and POCs based on data-driven research and client feedback.
  • Design and develop novel algorithms and machine learning models, and push the ML solutions all the way to production.
  • Work closely with an engineering and product team to quickly transition from prototype to a scalable implementation.


  • 2+ years of hands-on experience in Python/Scala/Java/etc.
  • Knowledge of Data Science domain: ML Algorithms development, data pipelines, Data Analysis
  • B.Sc., M.Sc. in CS, Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, or similar discipline.
  • High technical competence that includes a track record of strong coding and individual technical contribution
  • Collaborative team player, able to work with doctors and clinical subject matter experts.
  • Presentation skills and ability to explain complex solutions to non-technical colleagues.


Extra Points for

  • Experience with large datasets and distributed computing (Spark, Dask, Hive/Hadoop, etc.)
  • Familiarity with databases and database structures (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Proven experience creating and maintaining ML solutions in production systems.

Things we appreciate

  • Strong analytical thinking ability
  • Self-motivated and strong team contributor
  • Ability to work in an agile and dynamic environment

Why join us NOW?

Our product is operational, and we have strong financial backing from Israel’s leading venture capital funds. We are at a critical stage in product development and all team members are encouraged to take initiative and become full partners in this lie changing mission.

We have funding, ability, a strong team, and an important mission.

Join us for a life-changing mission!


Why join now?

Our product is operational and we have strong financial backing from Israel’s leading venture capital funds. We are at a critical stage in product development and all team members are encouraged to take the initiative and become full partners in this life-changing mission.


Collecting and analyzing complex and diverse data, and building a platform that will enable us to create models


Mobilizing the best algorithm engineers in the field to design innovative prediction models


Developing an infrastructure for fast and stable communications capable of receiving real-time data from the patient’s bedside monitoring systems and alerting clinicians


Gathering a team of medical specialists from Israel and around the world to help us transform health conditions into mathematical models

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