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CLEW Registered for CE Expanding its Commercial Reach in the European market

CLEW announced that it has registered its AI-powered ICU clinical management and support solution for CE, marking the company’s further expansion into the European healthcare market. Registration of the full range of CLEW’s advanced, AI-based predictive analytics solution will enable centralized critical care management leveraging all available patient data, providing clinical optimization for effective treatment and acuity-based resource allocation.

To improve the efficiency of the European healthcare system, the innovative CLEWICU solution identifies patients with an increased likelihood of being diagnosed with respiratory failure or hemodynamic instability, prioritizes workflow and treatment, and optimizes the allocation of critical care resources
It incorporates three models of predictive screening:

  • Hemodynamic instability (HI): Highly accurate, time-critical notifications for patients at high risk for HI, predicting the need to initiate vasopressor or inotrope.
  • Respiratory failure (RF): Highly accurate, time-critical notifications for patients at high risk for RF, predicting the need for intubation.
  • Low risk (LR): Indicates patients at low risk for deteriorations that may lead to the need for clinical intervention, optimizing ICU resource allocation, and saving costs.

CLEWICU solution offers hospitals and caregivers a comprehensive system integrated into the ICU workflow for improved outcomes and clinical resource allocation. It offers a full system view with advanced features in three detailed display screens and integrated audio-visual capabilities to conduct video calls or observation.

  • Unit view: Displays patient information and status from all units, based on the CLEWICU system’s prediction or manual classification.
  • Worklist view: Displays four separate sections for optimized patient care and workflow optimization: notifications and classifications for high-risk patients, task management, and best practices with optimal care recommendations and clinical guidelines.
  • Patient view: Displays individual patient information, providing a picture of a patient’s clinical status in a single view.


Demonstrated value of CLEWICU during the Covid-19 pandemic

The CLEW platform offers significant benefits in both clinical and operational outcomes, based on the following points:

    1. Earlier knowledge of upcoming deterioration leads to early intervention (improved quality and safety of care, less clinical complications, reduction of average LOS)
    2. Risk classification of patients allows for acuity-based staffing and resource assignment
    3. Significantly fewer false alarms may increase staff efficiency, due to less time spent on reacting to alarms, as well as reduced alarm fatigue and burnout
    4. The ability to work-from-anywhere allows shifting of resources from bedside to telehealth, as well as an option to outsource intensivist coverage.

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for better management of critical care resources. CLEW’s solution will provide the European healthcare system with the tools to effectively manage ICU operations and provide better clinical outcomes, support the decision-making process for treatment, optimize workflow and resource allocation.” Gal Salomon, CLEW CEO

“With our partner CLEW, we share the same goal of improving patient care and safety and are convinced of the need to act in the prevention of clinical risks to influence the quality of care, the performance and the attractiveness of the establishments. Technology now makes it possible to analyse data, identify and anticipate risks much earlier than was previously possible. CLEWICU is an innovative solution that meets the specific needs of the healthcare actors we have been supporting as Risk Manager for more than 90 years in France, but also in Spain, Italy and Germany.” Pierre-Yves Antier, Relyens group Strategy, Innovation and Transformation Director and CLEW board member.

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