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Jul 19

CLEW to be featured in a new episode of “Information Matrix”, with Laurence Fishburne

Featuring healthcare industry experts, the program will show how critical care units are using AI-Machine Learning to deliver true patient value

Mar 18

CLEW Collaborates With UMass Memorial Medical Center to Bring Predictive Analytics to Tele-ICUs

AI predictive analytics platform to provide clinical, operational & financial benefits to all layers of tele-ICU management and staff

Aug 18

Does big data hold the secret to controlling sepsis?

A big data, machine learning-based system could analyze patient profiles who have suffered from sepsis and build a profile that would show the specific data readings for each data point, alone and as they interact with other data points.

Aug 18


Clew Medical has recently announced its partnership with WakeMed for its clinical trials in the eICU to detect patient deterioration in realtime

Feb 18

Israel 21C - Saving lives in the ICU through artificial intelligence

An Israeli venture capitalist’s personal tragedy brought him to a startup seeking to provide immediate health updates for fragile patients

Dec 17

Clew Medical is using AI to identify patients at risk

AI has been the buzzword of 2017, with the technology increasingly used to bring predictive analysis to marketing applications.

Dec 17

Winner of the "Mind the Data" startup competition held by Calcalist and Microsoft

Harnessing AI technologies to help ICUs cut down on treatment time and cost.

Dec 2017

CLEW: Boosting clinical analysis with machine learning

CLEW used Google Compute Engine to build a reliable, scalable, cloud-based machine learning platform to develop and train its critical care algorithms.

Feb 17

Intensix raises $8.3M for machine-learning tech to head off ICU complications

Uses a range of ICU data, predictive modeling and machine learning to provide predictions of patient deterioration, which could potentially help care staff prevent complications.

Jan 17

Winner of the 8200 start-up competition

In the high-tech entrepreneurship competition, the CLEW system which alerts emergency medical conditions in intensive care departments

Mar 2016

clew teams with Mayo Clinic on critical care

The study will focus on the feasibility of using the Israeli startup's analytics platform to predict patient deterioration from infection.

Feb 2016

Big data co clew and Ichilov to collaborate

Israeli startup Intensix is developing analytics for early detection of complications or deterioration in intensive care patients.

Dec 2015

clew - Winner of the Innovation Award

Most Innovative startup at the 22nd annual conference of the Israeli Society for Quality in Healthcare for presenting “The Next Game Changer in Critical Care”

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